Portfolio Application

The Character Animation specialization is designed to prepare students for careers as animators, modelers, riggers, or texture artists in the film or computer game industries. An art background is desirable, and students are required to take several art courses. The BFA-Emerging Media track in Character Animation is a two-year cohort of studies. Acceptance into this track requires a portfolio review, writing a creative story, answering several essay questions, a letter of recommendation, following the directions of this application, and completion of the requirements and prerequisites of the general SVAD Emerging Media track curriculum. Character Animation is a portfolio-restrictive track; students' artistic and academic ability, attitude and applied knowledge will be evaluated before entering this specialization. Students that are accepted, spend two years at the UCF Center for Emerging Media facility in downtown Orlando. Character Animation is a full-time commitment; students must complete their general education coursework on the main campus before entering this specialized track.

Download the Open House Powerpoint with info including sample portfolio submissions from accepted students.

Application Instructions

The Character Animation Portfolio Review will open during February 5-16, 2018.


If you have any additional questions please contact:

Cheryl Briggs