The Emerging Media B.F.A. – Experimental Animation program allows students to integrate the multiple domains of art, storytelling, and technology. It is designed to provide a solid foundation in techniques and theory in one focused area of competence, as well as a broad understanding of related disciplines including arts, humanities, and technology. The program also offers extended experience in working in multidisciplinary teams on realistic problems.

The Experimental Animation track offers students the opportunity to explore expression through innovative and hybrid analog and digital methodology: we approach animation from an artistic, individualized point of view. Students engage in classic, current, and widely varied techniques and mediums making moving images which may be narrative or non-narrative. Students in the program are given the opportunity to develop a unique creative vision which culminates in the completion of a B.F.A. thesis project and exhibition/screening. Animation students use industry leading software on Mac and PC-based platforms.

Graduates of the Experimental Animation program acquire the broad Intermedia-based set of skills needed to respond rapidly to the ever-changing technical and creative job markets, emerging fields, and contemporary exhibition modalities and venues. Graduates also obtain the diverse technical and creative depth to move immediately into a variety of graduate-level art majors in which they may develop inventive, cross-disciplinary formal and conceptual M.F.A. thesis research.

Experimental Animation Student Work Examples

Character Animation and Graphic Design are other tracks in the Emerging Media B.F.A. program.


Experimental Animation is a portfolio-restrictive track; students must submit a Studio Art Portfolio and application. The program is competitive and acceptance is based on the quality of the work submitted. Accepted students are required to follow a two-year cohort program as outlined in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog. Students should submit a portfolio and application when the program specific prerequisite coursework has been completed. The Studio Art Portfolio Review will open in October 2018.

What are the program specific prerequisite courses?

  • ARH 2050 History of Western Art I
  • ARH 2051 History of Western Art II
  • ART 2201C Design Fundamentals 2D
  • ART 2203C Design Fundamentals 3D
  • ART 2300C Drawing Fundamentals I
  • ART 2301C Drawing Fundamentals II

Studio Art Portfolio Review


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