The School of Visual Arts and Design at UCF is a place for seeing, thinking, hearing, touching, learning, and creating. Art engages the senses and inspires the imagination and we designed our curriculum to do the same. We offer academic programs and courses of interest to artists and designers of all varieties. In the studio arts, we offer courses in drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. For digital artists and designers, we offer nationally-ranked programs in graphic design and animation. Our art history programs lead students through a discovery of art and architecture from prehistory to the present, allowing a basis for understanding art through the ages. And our innovative architecture program, in partnership with Valencia College and the University of Florida, offers a unique 2+2+2 learning experience that is convenient, affordable, and flexible.

Our central philosophy in educating the artists and designers of tomorrow is to inspire creativity while also teaching the foundational elements of art, history, and design. How you see the world is critical to how you create within it; many of our courses are designed to change not only the way you think about and create art, but also how you see the world, learn from influential artists of the past, and represent your unique worldview through artistic practice. Further, we acknowledge the need for our art and design students to possess sound organizational skills, exemplary professional communication abilities, and fundamental marketing knowledge. We prepare the artists and designers of tomorrow to not only create and innovate but also to market themselves and to thrive in the competitive landscape of our modern economy.

While inspiration and creation are central to what we do, we also routinely partner with local and national organizations. Our interns and alumni have exhibited their art at home and abroad, designed amusement park rides, created designs for international clients, attended prestigious graduate schools, and created award-winning animated films. We believe strongly in the integration of artistic theory and practice and many of our most compelling projects have emerged as the result of collaborations between different academic and industrial partners.

A renewed focus on the community arts is core to our mission in the Central Florida community and we seek opportunities to build amazing things together with compatible partners. An ecosystem filled with vibrant art is a healthy place to live and work. Further, art can make connections between people, allow opportunities for the discussion of complex ideas, challenge the status quo, and create spaces and practices for healing. We believe in the power of the arts to support the economy, bring beauty to the world, and lift the spirits of the people who create and experience it.

We hope that the School of Visual Arts and Design at the University of Central Florida will be your academic partner for advancing the arts in our modern society.

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Rudy McDaniel, Ph.D.
Director, School of Visual Arts and Design
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