Spring 2012 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Camille Seiler


Dreams can often transcend irrelevance, becoming information or answers to issues we might have in our conscious lives. In this video, I ascribe meaning to some of my dreams by representing them through objects or scenes found in my daily life. My curiosity with the subject of dreaming has grown significantly because I sometimes have difficulty remembering my own dreams; I also wonder about others and if they consider how instrumental their dreams are when it comes to problem solving or choice making in their daily lives.



When I dream, it's often of places and sounds I am familiar with, and that causes my dreams to be discomfortingly real. Creating that type of apprehension on camera allows me to let go of emotions that I cannot put into writing or talk about. This video replicates the feeling of dreaming by alternating points of view; experiencing a first person visualization versus a third persons'.

I challenge my viewers to consider being more aware of their unconscious thought and use this new awareness as a basis for daytime decision making.


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