Spring 2012 Senior Thesis Exhibition

MK 'Kat' Fluharty


Le Petit Souvenirs

This is a storybook of fleeting moments in my day-to-day life as I learn to cope with post-traumatic stress and severe anxiety disorder. This disorder turned my life upside down and I later developed some unhealthy habits. Through the use of photography, I traded these "bad habits" for the obsession of art. All of these images are taken with my iPhone 4s and edited using apps on both my iPhone and my iPad. I apply the same principles of light and composition used in traditional photography but now I feel more freedom to stop and capture images that I may not have deemed "worthy" of my expensive camera and lenses. My iPhone somehow feels more unobtrusive and private. I find solace and a renewed sense of self-worth and power in my art. It gives me independence from the other side of myself that I am reluctant to admit exists. Behind my camera, I am free.



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