Spring 2011 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Carin Nicole Perez


Can you remember your first experience at Walt Disney World? The feeling you experiences as you walk down Main Street in Magic Kingdom, getting your first glimpse of the Castle ahead, listening to the sounds of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song playing all around, the smells of popcorn and cotton candy fills the air creates a sense of magic within you.

Children and adults of all ages, from all over the world, dream of this experience, and are united by it. A legacy that Walt Disney, himself, created 90 years ago.

Carin Perez Carin Perez Carin Perez Carin Perez Carin Perez Carin Perez

Carin Perez


The diversity of Disney World can be seen through the array of guests and cast members visiting and working in the four theme parks. Just walking around the park for a day, you can hear an incredible array of languages and see people from all over the globe. Not only is the diversity noted in race and culture, but age as well. Since becoming a cast member in 2009, I've gained this burgeoning admiration for this ever-present diversity, enjoying the experience of meeting guests from all walks of life. I decided that I wanted to capture the multiplicity of people that visit and work at the theme parks and show the incredible diversity of race and age of Walt Disney World.


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