Spring 2011 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Alicia Gray


Where do animals in shelters come from? Why would you surrender your pet to strangers? Imagine your pet watching you drive away, not understanding what they did wrong to be left in this strange place. The profiles of shelter animals tell the story: "Owner moved to a no pet home," "Owner passed away," "Does not get along with kids," "Too many pets," "Can't afford to feed," or simply "Can't afford." Shelters are bursting at the seams. Publicly funded shelters cannot turn any animals away. To make room they must euthanize the animals that have been there the longest and may have age or health issues. I want to become a wildlife photographer, but my responsibility to animal welfare includes the animals that we keep as pets. My goal is to inform the public and bring more awareness to this problem with my images. Adopting an animal from a shelter makes a difference.

Alicia Gray Alicia Gray Alicia Gray Alicia Gray

Alicia Gray

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