Spring 2011 Senior Thesis Exhibition

For the past two years, we, the UCF B.S. Photography senior class of 2011, have been creating work that represents us as individual artists. However, over the years we have become a close-knit family, acting as each other's support and driving force, inspiring each other to do better and pushing each other to work harder. Putting together our senior show, we have come to realize that we need not only represent ourselves as individuals, but the class as a whole.

The word "synecdoche" derives from the Greek word synecdoche, which means "a simultaneous understanding." It is a figure of speech used when a part of something refers to a whole thing, or a specific class of thing is used to refer to a larger more general class. As individual artists we are displaying work that brings our talents together as a whole and each individual artist's series works with each other to create a broader, simultaneous understanding of the work. We have chosen to call our show Synecdoches because the work we exhibit in this show is a small piece that serves to represent each of us as a solo artist, and, in turn, the entire show itself represents our UCF B.S. Photography senior class.

Rachel Mattox

Luke Earls

Christina Marpole

Rachel Sonnenshine

Chelsea Doyle

Kathy Arndt

Stephanie M. Anderson

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