Oh Snap!

Spring 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Tara Koenke


As a human race, we have created categories, stereotypes, and exclude social norms that are widely accepted in most cultures. When we remove the language that highlights our differences, we are able to see what we all have in common; we all just want to live, to be.

Lesbians are one of the many groups that are stereotyped without question by the general population; naturally, these stereotypes arise not out of hatred but out of ignorance.

Tara Koenke Tara Koenke
Tara Koenke

Whether perceived as hyper-masculine, man-hating studs with tool belts or as nightclub kittens looking for free drinks, few lesbians can't venture to far out into society before they are labeled as "one of them," and are immediately assigned a label in the viewer's mind. Worst of all, these stigmas are popular in and amongst lesbian communities, enforcing the impact these generalizations have on young women who are exposed to them.

This series, 'We are Women', brings to light the everyday lifestyle of these lesbians, illustrating who they really are and how they want to be perceived.


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