Oh Snap!

Spring 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Sam K.


After years of testing, misdiagnosis, and experimental treatments, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia two years ago. Since then the primary symptom of chronic pain has become immune to treatment and my other symptoms have intensified.

There are hundreds of possible debilitating symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. My overlapping conditions such as arthritis and joint defects cause dislocations and fractures. Some days I can function, while others I'm so fatigued I can't get out of bed. It has created depression to the point of panic attacks. I over exert myself by trying to live a normal life.

Sam Klinkenberg Sam Klinkenberg Sam Klinkenberg Sam Klinkenberg Sam Klinkenberg Sam Klinkenberg

Sam Klinkenberg

When I get hurt it takes a long time to recover. I fall down, I trip a lot, and I usually need help to stand up. The cognitive symptoms are the worst. I can't remember things like spelling and math is more difficult. I have acquired dyslexia and have an increasingly hard time trying to vocalize my thoughts. I feel like I'm watching myself regress, and it is terrifying. For a while I was able to appear normal, but without a functioning treatment and the unceasing cognitive collapse I am unable to hide my impairment.

I feel I need to photograph these experiences as my own type of therapy; a way to cope. I want to document my daily struggle through my eyes before I lose myself.


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