Oh Snap!

Spring 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Matt Jones


My video brings humanism back to the music. Many musicians rely on huge production budgets to distract from over produced music that lacks musical complexities. My videos do the exact opposite; they strip away all the controlled elements and comfort of a professional concert. I let the musician's music and personality take center stage and allow for spontaneity to take place by filming the artists in unconventional locations. Being in such intimate quarters with the performers, one can get a feel for their character; it brings into focus their more human aspects.

Matt Jones Matt Jones Matt Jones Matt Jones

Matt Jones

By watching my videos, hopefully more people will become inspired to fully dedicate themselves to their musical talent. There are too many talented musicians that give up or get lost in their journey to be discovered. It is up to us to help support them to change the music industry from this overproduced non-talent pop take-over. Together we can take music back.


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