Oh Snap!

Spring 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Julie Dayringer


The human personality is like a complex organism with many parts, both latent and active, that is continually growing. In a stressful situation would you become a hero or a victim? In life would ambition or family be more important? For each facet of your personality there is an archetype. According to Jungian theory the five main archetypes are universally present in all people: Self – our true personality, Persona – the personality we allow others to see, Shadow – the part of our personality we don't want others to see, Anima – the feminine part of the male personality, and Animus – the masculine part of the female personality. There are an infinite number of archetypes to describe each personality trait human beings posses; new ones are still being added.

Julie Dayringer Julie Dayringer Julie Dayringer Julie Dayringer Julie Dayringer

Julie Dayringer

In contemporary society people are rarely alone; they are constantly connected to others through the internet and any number of handheld devices. Without isolation how do you get to know yourself? For just a few moments, as long as it takes you to see each image from corner to corner, consider which archetypes apply to your own personality.


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