Oh Snap!

Spring 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Stephen Crimarco


The landscape functions as a personal expression of the world that I live in; a world full of water, trees, rocks, leaves, and twigs. Despite the rapid movement of industrialization and technology, Earth has an organic persona that still exists. I explore various vistas and their characteristics when the light is majestic; the kind of light that only presents itself for thirty minutes when the sun is low on the horizon. The atmosphere is sublime due to the lack of human presence. Transparency film creates vibrant color, adding life to the landscape. Working in black and white does not justify the light I witness.

Stephen Crimarco Stephen Crimarco Stephen Crimarco Stephen Crimarco

Stephen Crimarco

The natural world will slowly diminish due to people's reliance on the transformation of nature into material goods. Yet with this in mind, I can engrave the natural world into a photographic memory.


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