Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Jessie Ward


We are inundated with images epitomizing the perfect weight, size, and build. These images flash over the screens of our living room televisions, fill page after page of magazines, and even appear as pop-up advertisements on our personal computers. Constant reminders that we can "Lose 10 Pounds Fast" or "5 Minute Abs" make it easy to understand why men and women at times succumb to the pressures of living up to these standards and as a result take extreme measures. My frustration with the overall acceptance of these doctored images as fact motivated me to create this body of work.

Jessie Ward Jessie Ward Jessie Ward Jessie Ward Jessie Ward

Jessie Ward

My photographs are representative of some of the magazine images we are faced with on a daily basis. The majority of these images were manipulated in such a way to make us believe that the "perfect" bodies we are failing to measure up to are natural, when in fact they have been digitally modified and enhanced. In these appropriations, I chose to modify them myself by focusing on specific areas of these 'idealistic' bodies while exaggerating other aspects. I have subtly incorporated a statistical fact from The American Society for Plastic Surgery into each image that addresses the recent increase in cosmetic procedures.


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