Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Lorlene Swiatowski


Having Apiphobia inspired me to photograph bees as way for me to overcome my fear of them. Photographing them the first time at Marlin Athearn's house was frightening and challenging for me.

Light was a key element in this series of images. I worked with natural light instead of flash because the sudden burst of light excited the bees. At times, the sunlight would light up the body and wings of these flying insects illuminating them beautifully as I looked through my viewfinder. I began to notice how the light affected their tiny bodies.

Lorlene Swiatowski Lorlene Swiatowski Lorlene Swiatowski Lorlene Swiatowski Lorlene Swiatowski

Lorlene Swiatowski

While photographing these little creatures, they circled my head, letting me know that I was close enough. As my image making process progressed, I became more fascinated with these environmental indicators. I began to close the gap between the bees and myself the more time I spent with them. I have been able to face my fear with the aid of my camera. I now have a profound respect for these honey making insects. In fact without them, the human race would cease to exist. My intention is for my viewers see the honeybees (genus Apis of the family Apidae) as I do through the viewfinder in my camera. They all work together to make honey and they protect their queen at all costs from intruders, so that the hive will survive.


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