Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Gayle Stivanson


Light has a dramatic effect on the way we view our surroundings. As a child I remember living in the country and getting eager to see the sunset in the evenings. Even at a young age I appreciated the diverse ways light could be cast on a landscape. These images show the viewer the many different ways one scene can look under changing lighting conditions. In early morning light looks yellow and orange, in the afternoon light looks grey and in the evening light looks pink. By keeping this portfolio focused on one scene, it gave me the opportunity to study the effect light has on nature.

Gayle Stivanson Gayle Stivanson Gayle Stivanson Gayle Stivanson

Gayle Stivanson


I photographed for the past six months under different lighting and weather conditions. I had to make sure my camera was set to the same focal length and at the same angle to get a precise duplicate image when I photographed. I have always been very intrigued with the simplicity of nature and its beauty. This project has helped me to get back to that passion. I live in a suburban area so I view buildings often; this body of work has been a pleasant change for me to be able to appreciate and study light at its best.


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