Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Ashley McCormick


Life is not only about the monumental days; birthdays, weddings and graduations. Life is the sum of the trivial day-to-day experiences; the moments in between. We often discard those small moments as unimportant, quickly forgetting them and removing them from our memory.

Documenting my life through one photograph a day has made those small moments important. A closeness I felt with my husband, my frustrations with a cluttered life, or even a beautiful afternoon that brightened my day. To me, each of these is monumental. They have all brought me to where I am today. I used a Polaroid instant camera to document my life, taking away my constant concern with ƒ-stops and shutter speeds. No one has full control over their life, so neither should my documentation of it.

Ashley McCormick Ashley McCormick Ashley McCormick Ashley McCormick

Ashley McCormick


I have limited myself to only taking one photo a day, making myself decide what is important, what shaped who I am. Whether it's eventful, frivolous or banal, each photo has an importance; a memory connected to it. Though the photos may seem unassuming or ordinary, they have all made a lasting impression upon me. I can now recall that moment from two weeks ago, or the emotion I felt three months before that. There is a reason for every moment and every experience we have, that projects us toward our future. It is the moments in between that shape who we are and create what we will become.


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