Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Seth Johnson


My collages are byproducts of all the images and sounds that have bombarded my brain. Sometimes I will be sitting down listening to music and an idea will hit me like a sack of bricks. I immediately have to put it on paper. Other times I see something that upsets me like Jerry Falwell preaching about God punishing America with the 9-11 attack. Each new collage evolves and has deeper meaning. This project is more hands on then photography and I find the sewing to be therapeutic. Instead of capturing an image, I am creating new ones from old left over images. The collage becomes like a child and the canvas the womb. The image gestates with every stitch, burn, coffee stain, and wax drop. In short this collection of collages deals with issues that antagonize me about today's world. The issues brought up in my work deal with fanatic religion, repressed sexes, crazed world leaders, and prescription drug addiction.

Seth Johnson Seth Johnson Seth Johnson Seth Johnson Seth Johnson

Seth Johnson

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