Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Ashley Garner


Little Red Riding Hood is a story learned in childhood. It's ironic, then, that the story eludes to a loss of childhood and an admission into the adult realm. The underlying story of Little Red Riding Hood is of a young girl who pursues a travel through the woods, representative of the unknown and mysterious world that she has been sheltered from. Along the way, she encounters a wolf that changes her world.

Ashley Garner Ashley Garner Ashley Garner
Ashley Garner


Representative of adulthood, the wolf does not consume her upon meeting, but rather plays a role of trickery. The beast befriends her, tempts her, and places her in an internally conflicting position.

'Uncloaked' is an allegory to the internal, personal, yet archetypal story of childhood and the moment that innocence is compromised and the true nature of the world is realized. We were all Little Red Riding Hood at some point in our life, before our dreamlike ideals were questioned. There is a moment when we must realize life does not always end happily ever after.

By identifying childhood as the role of Little Red Riding Hood, ultimate childhood dreams are considered. It is the nature of children to engage in fairy-tale games. Through the introduction of adulthood, these ideals are underrated, making way for complex thoughts on the nature of the world and an individual's place in that world.


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