Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Wendy DeWitt


In driving to and from school, I became curious of my surroundings; the areas I drove through every week. I was aware of the buildings and objects on the sides of the road. At this point I would stop and photograph the abandoned buildings. As I started to photograph, I started to see the buildings in a different way, I started to see the beauty that was once there. They were no longer loved. With this curiosity, it drove me to seek out other areas that might have these kinds of things; I was able to find houses, businesses, factories, and water towers.

Wendy DeWitt Wendy DeWitt Wendy DeWitt Wendy DeWitt
Wendy DeWitt

As I found the buildings, I became excited as if I struck gold. It was my treasure. These were treasures that showed me what they still had left after they were abandoned. I want these buildings to speak for themselves and let them tell their story as they did to me.

With these photographs, I want to share the history and the beauty that is still there. The negative plays in on being something different; an idea that came to me. This is how I wanted to express my vision as an artist. It is different in the way that no one else combines the positive and negative like I do. As I look at the images I enjoy the way the light plays with the shadows, the way that they are reversed in the negative, a mirrored image. I want to borrow a phrase I once read, "the images do not allow the viewer to forget the ordinary and symbolic mementoes of daily life left behind. They are bittersweet memories of past lives."


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