Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Joshua Cruey


As I move towards the end of my college career, I look back at all of the things I have learned and how they have shaped my vision as a photographer. Although I studied various theories, and techniques to achieve an end result, in the end it all comes down to light and my ability to control it. Light for a photographer is like paint to a painter. Light is our medium and our language.

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Joshua Cruey

What is a photograph at it's simplest? A photograph is the embodiment of capturing light in an of time and recording it onto a surface. I am fascinated by this aspect of photography. Light has the capability to tell stories, and turn the banal into the dramatic. I am intrigued by the act of capturing a moment and sharing it with the world.

For my senior thesis work, I chose to study light and capture it's subtleties. This work was photographed at different times and different locations. Some of the work was done under the cover of darkness, when most of the world is still and quiet. I chose to print this body of work in black and white because I wanted the viewer to focus on the light and shadow not the color. After considering the work, I chose to print and mount the work to accentuate the qualities of the photograph and its merits as a medium. I hope you enjoy this work and are inspired to observe light more closely and enjoy its often dramatic exhibition.


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