The Bachelor Party

Spring 2008 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Erin Spivey


Bipolar is a common mood disorder that affects about 5.7 million Americans. It is usually characterized by mixed episodes of depression and euphoria. Often the symptoms affect an individual's daily functioning and interpersonal relationships.


Erin Spivey


I was diagnosed as bipolar 3 years ago, and each day is a struggle. I have lost many friends and family members because I either hurt them without knowing or they just didn't understand. I have seen several doctors who prescribed a plethora of drugs. The unfortunate part is the waiting. Waiting to see if that particular combination of drugs is going to work; waiting to see if I am going to have some sort of reaction to the drugs; waiting to see if I'll ever be normal again. The irony is I felt normal before I was diagnosed. Now my life is full of doctors and the feeling of emptiness. Through images I want to show the range of emotional states that come with being bipolar. I hope to give people a sense of what it is like to live the bipolar life.


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