The Bachelor Party

Spring 2008 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Carly Miller


As a young woman, I live in the midst of a society that encourages a stifling stereotype of thin waists, cosmetic surgery, and excessive makeup. Many women convince themselves as being unacceptable if this standard is not achieved. I am guilty of conforming to this idea. However, some of the strongest, most beautiful women I have come to know are those who do not fit the typical stereotype. These women are worth knowing and have inspired me to find real beauty. By photographing these women in desolate natural environments I explore the idea that just like our environment, we can control the way our bodies evolve, but only to a certain extent.

Carly Miller Carly Miller Carly Miller Carly Miller

Carly Miller

Women come in many shapes and sizes; each individual figure is formed to accentuate different natural shapes and curves. Why try and change something that is natural?

The women photographed are beautiful just the way they are. There exists an incredible amount of natural beauty in these women for they are convincingly content, internally happy, and realistically vulnerable. Their outer appearances become insignificant and their internal qualities prevail. This challenges us to discover real beauty within others and mostly importantly, within ourselves.


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