The Bachelor Party

Spring 2008 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Marie DeJesus


I've always been interested in the small atoms and molecules that bond to fashion a unique human creation. Humanity takes the lead when I am composing these images, with the final purpose of translating on paper the tiny fragments that make us who we are. Essentially, they are definitions of ourselves.

The multitude of elements used in these images is a rendition of that we see everyday. From thimbles to the lamps that light our homes, these are things that compose our daily lives. Seemingly mundane, these artifacts have a universal truth about them in they way they interact with human beings.

Marie DeJesus Marie DeJesus Marie DeJesus Marie DeJesus Marie DeJesus Marie DeJesus

Marie DeJesus

They are metaphors of our thoughts, fears, losses, and final proof of our existence. When we leave the Earth, these are the tools that will stay behind and leave the last testament of our domesticity like unsung time capsules.

Symbolism is the universal language through which I intend to study the similarities that permeate all of our cultures. No matter where you are or where you come from, certain tasks span the spectrum of humanity creating a necessity within us all. Intimate manifestations of light, protection, intelligence, and language are embodied in the plainness of stuff. Simplicity becomes complicated in these scenes where the sum supersedes the parts. Like the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that supply our world's greatest source of life, these pieces satisfy tasks while saying something more about our humanity.

Everyday, I make pictures of the things around me. Some receive the honor of subjects while others provide the basis for an idea. By combining those elements one layer upon the other, a concept is born. The initial notion is developed during the process and expanded as I subject myself to inspirational forces that change the course of my thinking.


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