The Bachelor Party

Spring 2008 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Charles Brewer


Central Florida was once a thriving farm community. As golf courses, malls, and cartoon mice created a new tourist destination, cities began to grow rapidly. The property used by farmers was becoming worth more than the crops the land produced. Their fields were needed for expanding cities. Willingly or not, the farmers were selling off their land. This project focuses on one farm that is not ready to give up and the culture they are preserving.

Charles Brewer Charles Brewer Charles Brewer Charles Brewer Charles Brewer Charles Brewer

Charles Brewer

Long and Scott Farms is a forth generation family farm located in Zellwood, Florida. Zellwood is a town known for its produce, mainly sweet corn. They hold a famous festival each year honoring their prized sweet corn. But as development looms and farms began to disappear, fewer buyers come to the area to buy its products. The photographs show the beauty of a culture that is quickly fading in central Florida. While the future of long and Scott Farms is uncertain they continue to be a strong part of this community. In twenty years these pictures may be a look into an industry that is no longer associated with central Florida.


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