Spring 2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Mikyung Song


"If your eye is a mirror…"

People go in and out of their daily lives and see millions upon millions of things on a daily basis; many of which go unnoticed and are forgotten within seconds. This series is an exploration into what people see regularly in their day–to–day routines. These images are portraits, yet by using mirrors, I am preventing the light from hitting the subject's face, and instead, the light that is reflected back at the camera, is a piece of what the subject has been looking at. I am removing visual clues that one might gain by looking at a photographic portrait that includes a face, and replacing it with clues from the subjects environment that can be used to give a hint into their lives and sights, many of which they may not even be conscious of.


Mikyung Song


As the photographer, I have little interaction with the subject and offered no advice as far as where the mirror should be directed. I simply ask them to point the mirror at what they are looking at and thinking about at that time. The people photographed are not necessarily acquaintances. I walk up to random people at their place of work, on the street, at chance places. Most people don't take time to think about where to direct the mirror and point it instinctively at whatever catches their eye. This allows them to play a role in what is to be included in the image, making them an active part of the photographic process. Once they participated in this process, I then asked the subjects to write down what they were thinking about and what they were directing the mirror at. This process gives insight into what the subject was intending to share through the mirror versus what was actually reflected back towards the camera.

My hope is that everyone will gain a greater appreciation of the things around them that they see on a regular basis, but never really accept as being significant.

…if your eye is a mirror, you can show the world what you see. The possibilities are limitless.


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