Spring 2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Jenn Snowden


I understand the reasons and disputes that lead to the succession of the southern states of America to create their own government of the Confederate States of America. More importantly, it fascinates me and I have a growing desire to keep hunting for more and more information on that particular part of America's history.

My images were made at several Civil War Reenactments. These reenactments are the closest thing to viewing the battle back in the 1860's in terms of realism; the clothing of the enactors is authentic as well as the weaponry, battle scenarios and life around the camps. Attending these events is like being on the set of an actual movie happening around you, and I was the fortunate one to be photographing every moment I was able to.


Jenn Snowden


Just as these battles were reenactments, my techniques for these tintypes are a reenactment of the process used in that time. They replicate as best as possible the delicateness and rustic feel of 19th century tintypes in the processing of the tin as well as the poses of the people and the action of the battles. I based my compositions on several books I own that gives a complete photographic history of the civil war.

This era and this photographic process is a deeply personal interest to me and what other way would I share these images with the world than morphing them into a reenactment of their own.


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