Spring 2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Justin Sligh


My work comes from a passionate desire to achieve the absolute best representation of the subject. In other words I try to create my own idea of a perfect image. With that said, my work is never finished and what I choose to show is my most recent rendition. It is the series of my interest in the project, spiraling up and down that drives me. The initial idea of the project sparks great enthusiasm. Most of my work begins when I find an interesting item to photograph. I begin looking for various props that would complement but not over power my main subject.

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Justin Sligh

I photograph digitally tethered to a computer so that my progress during a shoot is instantly visible. It is the time after I have gathered the items and before I shoot that my enthusiasm in the project begins to dwindle. It is the moment, when I glimpse the first exposure of the scene, which fuels me to continue. The journey I take to complete these images is a personal one. It is a constant search for a reason and explanation for every little detail that I put into an image. I ask my self, continuously, why is this item here, and what does it add to the image? Everything in the scene has a story and I try to piece them together so that they make sense. It's the process of solving a puzzle that I enjoy and the resulting image is a wonderful bonus.


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