Spring 2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition

Marin Scott


Since I began my journey in photography, I have gravitated towards the phenomena of the natural world. Most fascinating to me are the physical cycles that take place. Everything experiences a creation, existence, and extinction. Life begins with a tiny seed and then is scattered on the ground to mature. The plant feeds itself through its roots and leaves. The growth will thrive off the land and nourish the fragile environment. The plant can survive for days or even hundred of years through these cycles. When it is time for the plant to expire, it becomes one with the ground again. The leaves fall and the flowers wither.

Marin Scott Marin Scott Marin Scott Marin Scott Marin Scott

Marin Scott


It has set the way for a new phase to begin. I have chosen a range of flora to visually represent these cycles. My paper is hand crafted from recycled materials and organic objects I collected near my home. Each piece of paper is individually constructed to correspond with the photograph printed on it. The Vandyke process is used to convey deterioration through the brown tonal range of the print. The work over time will also deteriorate and blend itself back into the natural environment from which it came. And once again the cycle starts over.


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