Spring 2007 Senior Thesis Exhibition

April Inglima


Time, it makes life go so fast. How can one make time stand still? When we become fast–paced members of society there is not always time to smell the roses.  So we, who want to live forever, create false realities for ourselves. Photographs in many ways depict this idea. Only he who photographed or was included in the image knows the truth about the image, idea, or subject.

Artificial flowers can be similar. For many people fake flowers are part of everyday life. Wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wall décor, gravestone tributes and novelty flowered pots are just a few ways we use the flower to keep an illusion from dying.

April Inglima April Inglima

April Inglima


There is a hope that the long life of the flower will keep memories alive longer. Maybe the affordability of the exotic species suggests the element of wealth or prestige. In some instances, these items can be pushed on another as a gift, with the best of intensions, of course.

The discovery of this project has made me realize that I, myself, buy these for two main reasons; affordability and longevity. What better tool to use under hot lights for at least an hour straight. They won't wilt, change color, and are readily available, however nothing should be taken for granted. At first the series appears to be one of beautiful flowers, then as each detail is noticed the realization of their false identities is revealed.


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