UCF Catalog Years
2017 - 18

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Junior — Fall Semester

15 credit hours

 PGY 3821C Advanced Digital Photography 3 hrs
 PGY 3472C Photo Visualization 3 hrs
 PGY 3751C Videography 3 hrs
 ENC 1102 Composition II 3 hrs

Junior — Spring Semester

15 credit hours

 PGY 3002  Contemporary Photography 3 hrs
 PGY 3651C Narrative Editorial Photography 3 hrs
 PGY 3205C Photographic Lighting Techniques 3 hrs
 Physical Science 3 hrs

Summer Semester A, B and / or C

12 credit hours

 Political Science or Economics 3 hrs
 Life Science  3 hrs
 Computer Science or Statistics 3 hrs
 ENC 3250 Professional Writing or
 CRW 3013 Creative Writing 3 hrs

Senior — Fall Semester

12 credit hours

 PGY 3653C Advanced Editorial Photography 3 hrs
 PGY 4003  Image, Culture, and Society 3 hrs
 PGY 4228C Advanced Illustrative Photography 3 hrs
 PGY 3276  The Professional Environment 3 hrs

Senior — Spring Semester

 9 credit hours

 PGY 4471C  Photography Thesis 3 hrs
 Elective 3 hrs
 Elective 3 hrs


 PGY 3451C Alternative Processes 3 hrs
 PGY 3480  Museum and Gallery Practices 3 hrs
 PGY 3703C Photography and the Web 3 hrs
 PGY 4235C Professional Photographic Workshop 3 hrs
 PGY 4493C Photography and Art 3 hrs
 PGY 4941  Internship 3 hrs

Note: Two electives are required. Please check schedule for availability as electives may be offered in the summer and / or the fall and spring semesters on a rotating basis and are not all necessarily taught the same semester.

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