Course Descriptions

PGY 3002 Contemporary Photography

An in–depth examination and discussion of late 20th and 21st century (1970's – present) contemporary movements in photography, with specific emphasis on issues and ideas relative to contemporary image making.

PGY 3205C Photographic Lighting Techniques

A photographic illustration course emphasizing advanced lighting techniques in both the studio and on location with projects in the editorial, advertising, or fine art genres.

PGY 3276 The Professional Environment

This course covers business concepts necessary for the operation of a small photography studio or freelance business on a practical level. Students will explore a variety of concerns in the profession such as legal and ethical areas associated with creating photographic images, marketing and self-promotion strategies, funding opportunities, professional development, and professional presentation. Included in this course is a 24 hour service learning work experience in an approved professional environment. Activities in this course could include field study and visiting experts in the profession.

PGY 3451C Alternative Processes

An in–depth study and application of 19th century photographic processes with related contemporary non–traditional methods of image creation and presentation. Studied will be the processes of cyanotype, vandyke, gum bichromate, gum oil and emulsion transfers. Included will be research on the history of the archaic processes and their relevant art movements. Some contemporary methodologies will be applied in the creation of these printing processes.

PGY 3472C Photo Visualization

An analysis of the process taken to solve visual problems starting with questions that eventually evolves into useful (visual) answers. Emphasis is on purposeful and well-conceived self-expression and discovery; this course will place emphasis on communicating and applying a theoretical language to photographic imagery. Students also explore the concepts of using personal experience and lifestyle as information and inspiration towards image making and taking. In this course students work on individual projects incorporating photographic imagery utilizing traditional or non-traditional approaches.

PGY 3480 Museum and Gallery Practices

An introduction to the museum and gallery environment, this course focuses on the acquisition and display of photographic materials as well as the curatorial functions within the contemporary museum and gallery. Students will interact with curators and other museum and gallery professionals in activities at local and regional museums through field study and research. The students will study appropriate exhibition installation techniques, acquisition issues, archiving and conservation methods and problems, marketing and publication design, and education approaches and opportunities in the museum and gallery. The course includes a service learning component.

PGY 3651C Narrative Editorial Photography

An exploration into the use of the photographic image in narrative / documentary form. Story ideas, research and visual execution are addressed. Students will create text as a companion to their photo essays.

PGY 3653C Advanced Editorial Photography

An exploration of photography created for the purpose of illustrating articles. Working approaches can include still life, people, documentary, and/or fashion photography. An emphasis will be placed on the creation of multiple or consecutive images that relate to social and political issues. Media modes will be explored both in retrospect and in contemporary times.

PGY 3703C Photography and the Web

Advanced issues in digital imaging with emphasis on current media methodologies for the display of photography such as the web as an interface.

PGY 3751C Videography

To study the methods involved in the creation of video narratives using the digital environment. Areas explored will be scripting, story-boarding, audio, video, shooting stills for video, adding graphics to video, and aesthetics.

PGY 3821C Advanced Digital Photography

To explore, to understand, and to demonstrate proficiency and capability as a digital imaging professional. This course will investigate current digital imaging software and its application to contemporary photographically based work. An emphasis is placed on advanced skills in Photoshop and the development of an appreciation for digital imaging as a visual art form.

PGY 4003 Image, Culture, and Society

A theory course investigating the role of the media and media imagery in culture and society.

PGY 4228C Advanced Illustrative Photography

A conceptually based course that will explore various avenues of photographic illustration. Topics studied will be lighting, historical and contemporary issues in illustration, contemporary currents in style and presentation, and social concerns. The emphasis is on idea–based imagery used in advertising, editorial, and fine art photography.

PGY 4235C Professional Photographic Workshop

A photographic image-making course for advanced students that will explore the creative, logistical, and technical process as it relates to a variety of special problems in the studio and on location. Assignments are designed to emphasize the development and exploration of professional techniques and styles while using tools and techniques particular to the photo-illustrator. Students will utilize the photograph as a vehicle for visual expression in the overlapping areas of illustration, editorial and fine art photography. Large- and small-format cameras may be used.

PGY 4471C Photography Thesis

A senior thesis project that will culminate in a public exhibition or portfolio presentation.

PGY 4493C Photography and Art

Creation of photographs related to the expression of personal, political, aesthetic, and theoretical issues and ideas found in historical and contemporary imagery.

PGY 4941 Internship

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