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B.F.A. Film Application


B.F.A. Application Period: October 15 - December 15

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the UCF Film B.F.A. degree. To be considered for admission to this limited-access program, the B.F.A. applicant is required to submit an online application comprised of two parts, Registration and Portfolio.

To apply, you must first register. Read all instructions and be as thorough as possible. Once you have registered, you must log in to complete the Portfolio. Upload all of your documents and information, and then submit your application to make your portfolio available for review. During the application period, between October 15 and December 15, you may continue to upload additional or updated documents or references at any time. These changes will be saved, but not submitted. This means that you may change your portfolio as many times as you like, but no one will see your portfolio until you decide it is time to submit it to SVAD. There is no limit to the number of times you may submit your portfolio. However, you must submit your final changes to your application by 11:59pm, December 15, if you want the new material to be available for consideration. Remember: Save and Upload are not the same as Submit Application.

The department considers a student ready for the B.F.A program if the student has developed evidence of strength in at least one of the following areas: Visual, Writing, Voice, and Critical Thinking. Voice is a measurement of the candidate's distinctive approach to life and art, as well as confidence and capability of cinematically saying what they want to say.

Portfolio Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions are available as links in the left menu. If you have any further questions along the way or if any issues occur while filling out the application, please contact svadadvising@ucf.edu.

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