General Information

UCF's Bachelor of Science in Photography degree is part of a joint program, a 2+2 agreement, with Daytona State College. Florida's 2+2 programs allow students graduating from the community college to flow seamlessly into their third and fourth years at the university level. UCF accepts photography majors who have earned the Associate of Science in Photographic Technology degree from DSC. Students who do not have the 2–year A.S. in Photographic Technology from DSC, and that have some of the required courses at the A.S. level, are considered on a case–by–case basis.

The UCF–DSC joint AS and BS photography programs offer a holistic photographic education which incorporates strong technical, creative, and critical skills to empower graduates for life long success in a variety of professional photographic fields. The UCF–DSC partnership provides students the opportunity to work with a diverse professional faculty in an environment that encourages excellence and innovative approaches to photography that will position graduates to compete in a rapidly changing industry.

The Associate of Science in Photographic Technology degree from DSC will provide a student with a solid foundation in photography. It is an applied program (technical) that develops entry–level skills for the photographic profession.

The UCF Bachelor of Science in Photography degree builds upon those strong technical foundations through advanced studies in studio and digital methodologies, editorial & narrative, aesthetics, the history and theories of photography and the application of all of those considerations towards creating bodies of work that a graduate can use as a stepping–stone to various avenues of image creation. The studies offered at UCF help provide students with an opportunity to further explore their creative potential.

The B.S. in Photography degree program is located on the UCF Eastern Region campus at Daytona State College, (see campus map) and is part of the School of Visual Arts & Design in the College of Arts & Humanities. The photography department, located in building number 530, contains state of the art studio, computer, darkroom, and classroom facilities.

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